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The Oral-Systemic Link also referred to as the Mouth-Body Connection is the key focus of this website. We are a community of health care providers, researchers, organizations and businesses that are working hard to educate the public and each other on the importance of this concept.

This site is a growing resource of knowledge of peer-reviewed scientific articles, information and resources that will provide easy access to information that is valuable to both patients as well as health care professionals.


research group Scientific Research Articles that are peer-reviewed with evidence-based information. In addition to the online links, we include brief easy-to-understand Abstracts of the articles to allow you to quickly review the numerous topics related to your specific topic of interest.  
medical conditions Medical Conditions can affect the oral health. There are numerous medical conditions that manifest symptoms in the mouth, or can increase the risk for poor dental health. In addition, there are medical conditions that can be caused by poor oral health. In this section we identify several health conditions including diabetes, pregnancy, heart disease and many other conditions that have been shown to influence oral health.  
fruits Nutrition and Lifestyle play critical roles in assisting the body in it's natural defenses against infection. Eating right, smoking, alcohol, acidic foods and drinks as well as daily homecare routine all play an essential part in the ability of the body to stay healthy.  
dentist Dental Health Care Providers. This is part of the dental community of dentists and other health care providers that have contributed to this website. They value the oral-systemic link and implement it's concepts in their dental practices. Patients may use this section to FIND a dentist or other health care provider.  
blog BLOG. We have created an online collaborative space for our community to add their newest findings, comment and share news on the oral systemic topics. This site is updated regularly and you can subscribe via RSS feeds to get regular updates.  
partners Strategic Partners. These are businesses, organizations, individuals and consultants that support the Oral Physician concept. They have products for patients, for dental teams, and for physicians in order to assist them in improving the quality and implementation of oral-systemic health.  
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